The development of the shipping industry worldwide

Before the advancement of aviation, passengers were overseas travel method. The industrial revolution was the rise of the very rich people have a lot of disposable income. They turned their attention to creating a large passenger ship, the economic and social elite vacation and travel to exotic countries.

1818, New York & # 39; s shipping company, Black Ball Line was the first shipping company to have a scheduled passenger service in the United States to England. In the 1830s, steamships were introduced and took the passenger and mail transport market. In 1920, cruise tourism has become popular with the rich. Larger and faster ships and custom-built luxury residential space planning has become the industry model. Between 1920 and 1940, the transatlantic travel is increasingly popular with the very wealthy. Over the years, the famous ships in the Queen Elizabeth, Lusitania, Ocean Monarch and the Queen Mary.

World War I and II saw passenger vessels to transport soldiers and displaced persons new lands. After World War II, the US government began to support the companies that build more ships in the event of another World War.

During the 1960s & # 39; and there was a surge in the production of cruise ships because more people are looking for holiday trips. Vacation cruises has become popular for people in the Middle Ages. People enjoyed the luxury accommodation and lifestyle. It has also become popular for people wanting to take a break from the cold winter. However, there was a period in the 1960s & # 39; and where there was no reduction in the shipping industry as the aircraft industry took off, but reliving traditional means of public or travel around the seas helped the shipping industry rebound.

The 1980 & # 39; s, luxury cruise companies pioneered the idea of ​​promoting travel for pleasure. Since 1980, the cruise industry has grown at a constant speed. People of all ages and life began to travel. The shipping industry has developed programs to target both young and old. Some features may be developed by them: increased cabin space, a variety of travel destinations and duration of affordable luxury such as swimming, rock climbing, ice skating and even wave simulators. Also, there are saunas, fine dining, entertainment, sightseeing various ports, dancing, musical performances, luxurious rooms, and much more.

The cruise industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Cruise ship owners now focus on new and innovative ways to attract customers. Today & # 39; cruise ships and hotels, which often exceeds the offer includes such features as elegant cabins, luxury bathrooms, and a beautiful and comfortable living quarters. The variety of leisure activities, and endless entertainment functions such as casinos, singers, dancers, and much more. As well, development planning, propulsion systems, reduces the weight of the ships and cleaner fuel, has resulted in ships that are more environmentally friendly.

between the future trends in the shipping industry for more lifestyle cruises, larger ships, more services, the more different demographic, which is cheaper holiday prices, which more destinations and carrying more leisure activities. The future looks dark in the cruise industry and everyday is fast becoming a holiday choice for many people looking for a relaxing, luxurious, and fun holiday.

Source by Amy Nutt

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