Simple Ways to Improve guest houses

Guest accommodation must be offered high-quality, family atmosphere to paying customers. Styling is undervalued accommodation with decorative touches such as colorful pillows, bath mats and throw overs Shams. You do not need a large budget to make a difference. A few well-framed canvases and photography of local beauty spots to be interesting focal points of the wall and a talking point for a coffee and croissant.

a well-equipped kitchen not only makes the self-catering accommodation stand out from the crowd, but the careful selection of practical accessories save time and money in the long run. The bread box, storage box and saves the breadboard countertops and tables from damage when the guests attacked the rustic pain. And an easy-clean cutting board comes into its own when guests want to slice home grown beets and grapes are ripe tomato salad.

You & # 39; Continental is not working budget hotel why not make the whole dinner for special guests? elegant and practical protection of leather-look tables and mats and coasters with wooden furniture.

a really friendly relationship (which they & # 39; some already employ) is a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers and greenery, all in the garden. Or, if you meet a winter visitor, an attractive cluster of evergreens and bright berries to make a statement.

You could spend hours wandering the local stores looking for inspiration and coordination. But you do not want to prefer a glass of local wine, vino, or vihno Wein and look for ideas for your laptop? All the essential finishing touches can be delivered to the door Littlewoods Europe, France, Spain, Germany and Portugal for only € 5th Even a glass of wine …

Source by Sarah Lamballe

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