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3 Easy Steps About How To Make A Blog

Blogging has become an alternative source of income for people who love writing and who have plenty of time in their hands. If you want to have your own blog site, you should learn how to make a blog. Follow these five simple steps and start sharing your thoughts with the world through the internet.

esahtmbThis is how to make a blog using WordPress. First, decide the topic and write an engaging blog. Make your blog sound as if you are conversing with your readers. Write short, easy to read sentences. Punchy and interesting titles will easily attract your visitors and prompt them to read the pages. Make your discussion lively. Next, insert images that are relevant t your article. You can easily find them on YouTube or on Google. Don’t forget to include credits for the photos if there are.  You can insert images to the text in your word press editor. For YouTube videos, embed the video by copying the code and pasting it where you want the video to be placed on the HTML version of your text. Last, view your post. If you think it is already good, you can publish it and people who visit your site will be able to read it. Follow these steps and you will find out that how to make a blog is easy.

How Should I Start A Blog

If you are starting each day by opening computer, checking the email and other online messages, you are not the only one. And if checking your favorite blogs is on a list of your daily activities, you are also one of the many people around the world. Blogs have become like newspapers. And since it’s easy to open it, you have probably thought to yourself – I want to start a blog. If that’s so, you will need few tips on how to do that. If you want to make a private blog, you will probably enjoy it.

Business blog is what many companies and entrepreneurs have in order to gain customers. First of all, you should decide what kind of blog you want – will it be private or business? Or, will you combine the both? Many entrepreneurs do exactly that because some customers find interesting to know more about a person standing behind a brand or a web shop. Second of all, you will need to decide what to write about. Finding a topic is important because you probably want to write about things that will attract readers. After you’ve decided about your aim, you can search for platforms that offer opening a blog. There are many that offer free service.

Is A Photoblog Better Than The Other Blogs?

Each person who runs a business or owns a web shop probably has a Facebook account or an Instagram. It is a great way of communicating with clients and customers. If a person runs a Facebook page, it can drive more traffic to a web shop. Facebook is one of the modern tools of advertising products or services. But blogs are also one of those tools for advertising services or products as well as people themselves.

Businesses may grow after making an excellent blog that attracts readers. So how to start a blog and make money is a common question each web shop owner or an entrepreneur may ask. After making a decision on what to blog about and where to set the blog, a future blogger will need to admit that great design is what attracts people as well. It is not only a content that counts but also all things visual such as banners, blog buttons, photos and design in general. Great photos are more important than people may think. Most of the people today are visual types and they like to see things. Of course, they like to see beautiful things. So nice photos are a smart way to attract the audience.

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2 comments on “3 Easy Steps About How To Make A Blog

  1. Michael Winston on said:

    Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts on certain things. Not only it’ll give you an opportunity to earn money, it also lets you learn and explore on things that you never really thought were interesting,

    • Agreed. It’s exactly why I started blogging myself. I just got a bit bored with just talking about progressive politics, is all.

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